Sunday, March 1, 2020

Blanking Out

Getting started on this year's shaping projects.  First up, splitting this big 10'-4" blank in half.  One side will be a narrower, faster paddler - probably a 5'0" - for getting into waves earlier.  Will probably stretch my 4'6" template for this.  Since the back half of the blank is straighter, this will be the paddler.

The other half with the nose rocker profile will be a narrower version of my current 4'10" (on the right side of the picture).  You can also see the 3 polyurethane US Blanks sitting behind me.  One of these will be an asymmetric fish.  Another will be Marlon's to shape - 6'0" standard thruster.  The last one will either be a stubbie twinzer (if Marlon goes slow), or a fish (if he gets to it fast enough).  If we work on the last one together, might make it a stubbie single fin (easier than a fish).

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