Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Second 4'10" Foilboard

It was another rainy day so  no surfing.  Instead it was work in the garage day.  As part of Marlon's training on how to shape a board, I went ahead and templated another foilboard so we can use the excess foam to have him get used to using the electric planer.

This is going to be another 4'10", but it'll be 1.5" narrower than the one I currently have (this should come out a 20").  The 4'6" I made seems to be a hair too small for me (in normal foiling waves - but it'll probably really good for head high and above and a small front wing) - this one should be dialed in between the current 4'10" and the 4'6".  And being EPS, this board should be lighter in total weight (and likely stronger depending on the glassing schedule).  I'll use carbon cloth at the track boxes, and carbon bands up and down the stringer.

A down side to it being a rainy day is the lighting for pictures is not so good - I'll take more pictures when the lighting is better, but I was able to get the template cut and the bottom trimmed close to the final outline.

The other half of the big SUP blank is going to be a slightly longer (5'0") fast paddler - more displacement than planning with as much volume as I can get into it.  I'll likely not start that one until the two I'm working on now are done.

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