Sunday, March 22, 2020

Electric Planer Day

Got some more work done on the boards today.  Marlon skinned his blank and got some additional trimming completed (the tucked under edge).  Still needs to get the rail bands cut - then we can move on to fairing in the rails with dragon skin (drywall sanding screen).

The electric planer can be intimidating if you haven't used it before - but after some coaching Marlon got the nuances down.

I got the asymmetric fish foiled out more, cut out the rail bands, dialed in the tail a bit, and got the tucked under edge cut in.  I used the surform to get the deck leveled out and the high points on the rails knocked down.  Tomorrow I'll also dial in the rails with dragon skin.

In this time of needing to play it safe for the benefit of us all - making a few new boards for this upcoming summer will help us keep to social distancing standards.

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