Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dawn Patrol - 3/21/2020

Up early before the sun.  The swell was chest high with bigger on the sets.  Zero wind.  Tide was hallway down from a 1.7' (dropping to 0' by 0900).  I had the 4'10" and the Armstrong HS1550 and 232 rear wing.

I had the foil mounted where I thought it was last time - in between the Iwa and the CF1600 marks.  I caught a couple of waves and felt I had to work too hard to get smooth lift.  I paddled back in and adjusted the mast forward a few millimeters.  I caught several more waves and it was well balanced.  I was able to ride several waves from the middle break all the way to the beach.  The 232 rear wing is definitely "slipperier" - I may switch to the Uni rear wing tomorrow to get more of a "tracking" feel.  Most of my rides were with the mast almost all the way out of the water - had a couple of "gurgles" telling me I was almost too high - but that's what foiling is about.

There was one wave where I went left and a bowl section formed a ways down the line - I stayed low on the wave until I got to the bowl and pulled a super hard turn - so much fun!!!  I don't know what I like more - the hard banking turns or dialed in gliding.

Marlon was catching a bunch.  Lots of lined up walls and super fun takeoffs.  We ended up staying out for over two hours.  This swell is supposed to stick around... more fun tomorrow morning!

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