Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kickboard Over 90%

I used a hole saw bit to open up the bottom of the screw holes. After a little cleanup with a chisel, the main work is finished on the kickboard. The handles are an old pair of windsurfing footstraps - real old - check out the 'Naish' logo - I feel good that those things will get a new lease on life and to actively generate stoke again!!! I'll place some epoxy in the bottom holes to ensure the T bolts stay put and are watertight. I'll also run the sander over the back of the board to smooth out the grain (I did that to the hand plane and it is a much nicer finish). After that, I'll recoat the board with poly and it's done!!! This board feels really well balanced and as expected, I can't wait to get some sloppy waves on it!!! Between this and the paipo, I should never complain about crappy surf again!!!

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