Saturday, February 9, 2013

OMG!!! My Mouth was Broke!!!

We hunted down a ramen shop for tonight's dinner. Sakura Ramen on 18th St in North West DC. This ramen was great!!! In the top five bowls I've eaten. It helps I haven't had a fresh bowl in a few years, but it truly is good. I had the Miso. Oh and the bulgogi manapua...... DAMN!!! I could eat those all day long!!!! If you are wondering, ramen is amphibious and can be written about on this blog because historically it comes from an island (Japan). My tummy is happy! We also stopped by a used bookstore a couple of doors down - I picked up some cool items - a book on restoring ancient Hawaiian fishponds, and a couple of multipurpose thank you cards with sea monsters on them - they are so cool and amphibious that I'll post on them separately, but after I take a picture of them. Maybe tomorrow because my tummy is too happy!

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