Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Storm Saturn Crab Fly

The big snow storm delivered in many ways - lots of wet, sticky, slushy snow (I think we got a foot of it), it closed down a lot of schools and businesses (free day off!!!) and it prevented us from wanting to go out and about. Besides doing things I never get to do anymore like sleeping in late, having a nice sit down breakfast and taking a nap, I took some time to venture into areas I haven't gone before - tying crab flies. Intimidating - yes. Impossible - no. Accomplished - mostly. This one came out decent, but the other supposedly simpler ones will be hard pressed to entice a redfish to eat. Isn't that what winter is for - to have the time to sit down and tie up a bunch of ammo to randomly shoot to fish??? Next time I'll post what all I've tied up so far in anticipation of our upcoming migration south to the OBX...

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