Monday, September 1, 2014

Fishing Report 8/31/2014 Part 2

We left the Causeway Island Park and make our way to the Lighthouse Beach Park. Lots of shell collecting and playing in the water, even though there were washed up jellies on the shore (Moon Jellies - their nematocysts can't penetrate human skin so no "stinging" problems). Paul and I fished and fished and fished and we didn't catch anything. Except more bait - Paul was throwing the cast net some more. I went out first with surf casting rod. I didn't get a single hit. I did get hung up on some submerged junk and I let the kids pretend thay had a big one on the line. Then Paul and I both saw a bunch of baitfish - and the big Snook tailing the school... Time for the flyrod... Orvis Helios 8wt, Orvis - with a Ziegler "style" Schminnow fly. I chased the Snook in vain - and it actually saw me and it would swim just out of view. But I did cast some mighty fine loops in to the wind - double hauling and good timing gained through practice paid off (I remember before I knew that technique - bird's nest). I saw another Snook and we played the same game of hide and go seek - which mostly involved me sprinting just out of spooking distance to get ahead of the fish, setting up the cast and getting laughed at again - good thing I am still in shape and I am humble. We also found a bunch of cool shells and had a great time. One last thing - we put the whelk back in the water - you're not allowed to collect shells with live animals in them. Nice specimen though and it gave the kids some hands on with a larger gastropod.

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