Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fishing Report 9/7/2014

There are a few other fishing sessions I've had since the last post and this one - but I'll save everyone the trouble of reading about skunks. On Sunday afternoon I asked the kids if they wanted to go fishing and they said yes. I asked them if they wanted to have a fishing contest and they said yes - so off we went. Ultralight-weight spinning gear, small hooks and tiny squares of bait - we each caught one (well - after they left, I caught a second). Noe caught a wrasse. Marlon caught a rock blenny and I caught a (two) pigfish. Shortly after, I saw a guy on my left set the hook on something big. He thought it was a stingray, it turned out to be a big red. Dang!!! He was using live finger mullet on a sliding weight rig... big bait for big fish.

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