Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Flat Island Microwaves

On Monday - President's Day 2015 - I surfed Flat Island over at Kailua. If you have been following this blog, you might remember that I surfed this same spot with the ULI FAQ I had. I thought it would be great to surf it with the GL. Random cool water shot from the GoPro Green Sea Turtle coming up for air There were some decent waves, but for the most part it was really small GoPro cameras are pretty funny - they make stomachs look much bigger than they really are, and they shrink waves. Charlie on a much larger wave (than what it looks like taken with a GoPro ;) I wiped out a couple of times - I hit some coral on the second one - I got a nice scrape on my lower right back right now... another story for another time, but the only reason I don't have a bunch of tattoos is because I have scars. And scars have real stories behind them (not that sappy crap the people on the tattoo shop reality shows come up with for their "reason I'm getting a tattoo). This ULI GL 9'0" is really something - overhead to ankle biters - it just works!!! After all this, now I want to come back and surf this spot with the ULI 14' Race Special Edition....

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