Sunday, February 1, 2015

In Search of - the Perfect Flats Fishing Support Bag

When I was in DG, I would walk the flats for hours fishing. It helped immensely when I could bring a spinning rod and a fly rod. If I didn't see any shadows on the flats, I'd chuck lures out past the breakers and switch back and forth as needed. When I got to Oahu, I felt compelled to do the same (carry two rods) and getting shots at more fish. I asked La to see if she could find my old Camelbak Mule that I gutted and configured for hauling lures, flyboxes, tippet, tools and accessories. The Mules have sideload compression straps and the top straps were detachable, so you could load a rod/reel on the side. The latest and greatest Mule doesn't have the side load strap anymore. La couldn't find my old one as she was unpacking, so I asked Charlie if he had an old one that he wasn't using (seems like everyone out here are using thermos bottles again for drinking water - from thermos, to camelbak, to naegele and back to thermos, old is new). Here is the Mule all dressed up. I used it yesterday and just like my old one, it worked well. I didn't see any bones I could cast to, so I switched to the spinning rod and caught a papio. For all the searching I have done, this is the flats fishing (while walking) setup for me.

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