Sunday, April 3, 2016

Planting Roots

I told La the other day "I am so happy to have finally moved to a place where I know I won't have to pick up again after two years and move across country". We were both walking outside in our backyard in the morning and looking at the plants we have recently brought home. Prior to this move, we only bought very few plants and never put any of they in the ground because we knew we'd have to undo everything within a year or so to get ready for the upcoming move. For now, we don't do that anymore - so we kinda went crazy with acquiring plants (or at least Noe and I have). Noe and I have established a pretty good sized succulent collection. The grouping is large enough that most stores we go to no longer have plants that we don't already have. This is good news for La (since she thinks we have too many already - btw her garden is in the ground and growing well - Heliconias, Bird of Paradise, various elephant ears, a Traveler's Palm and much more). Don't be jealous La ;) I'll take a few more pictures later today - but I'm really happy about these!!!

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