Monday, November 7, 2016

Patagonia Haleiwa Board Swap

I got an email from the Patagonia Shop up in Haleiwa. They held a Board Swap similar to what the shop down in Kakaako holds. This one didn't have the foot traffic that the other shop's swaps have had in the past. There was some bigger surf in the ocean probably drawing away anyone who would be looking for boards. I brought a couple of boards we have not been using just to see if there was any interest - nope. One thing that Marlon noticed that was different was the addition of several wind sculptures - the gallery at the corner on Kam Hwy has them all over! Nice addition (but I wonder if they bring them in every night so people don't steal them...). Lastly (no pictures though), Marlon and I hit White Plains to end the long streak of not surfing - felt really good to get back into the water. I definitely need to surf more (for more fun and to whittle away my extra chunk)!

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