Monday, September 23, 2019

No Surfing on the Equinox - 23 September

It was raining for pretty much the whole day - it is never good to surf when that much water runs off.  Unfortunately all the oil and other residues get cleaned off the roads and drains into the storm lines and ends up in the ocean.  Well - I had a bunch of errands to do around the house anyways - cleaning up the garage, fixing some stuff that recently broke (Marlon's drone - which I broke), cut out another foil snuggly for the Maliko 280, and fixing the ding from yesterday.

Here is the ding with the bashed in glass trimmed off.  I used the Dremel with the carbide cutting wheel to grind the break off.

And here is the ding repair.  Used the "poor man's vacuum" technique from Jimmy Lewis to help get rid of the air bubbles.  I should be able to sand down the excess tomorrow and the board will be seaworthy again.

Dings suck, but being able to fix your own is an art.

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