Sunday, September 8, 2019

Midday Solo Mission - 8 September

Marlon was at music practice and the tide was at +2.1' - I couldn't help myself.  I pulled a solo mission in the middle of the day.  I usually don't surf in the middle of the day - sunburn, blown out surf and crowded parking lot are enough to keep me away.  The wind certainly was up - 15 to 25 mph - definitely made riding tough.  The wind did push me around when up on foil - I figured how to lean into it towards the end of the session to keep foiling (and not falling).

I caught 6 in 45 minutes (couldn't stay out too long - still had errands to run).  The first few I got blown off like I said earlier - the last 3 were long with a bunch of turns and zooming along the walls.  I love foiling!!!

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