Thursday, September 12, 2019

Solo Thursday Full Moon Session - 12 September

The moon is full for the next few days - that means really high tides, which means foiling without the fear of scraping the bottom.  Marlon was busy so I went on a solo mission.  The tide was high at +2.1', the wind was marginal but not enough to blow me around while up on foil, and the swell was waist high (maybe a little bigger on the sets) - perfect conditions for foiling!

I felt like I was ripping!  Got some nice hard turns in and even snugged up to a breaking wall - so much fun!  I noticed the longboarders fading off waves, that I would then pick up and ride all the way to the beach.  Where have these surf foils been all my life???...

I've had the foil in the same setting for the past several sessions now - dialed in for sure.  Just to mix things up again, I may have to start using the Slingshot again, or drop down to the 5'2" (or maybe both of those).

I'm a total convert now - I'm glad I didn't have a huge quiver of surfboards that I'd have to sell off now (and I will still cross train on the two boards that I do have in the active lineup - and I'll try to get the other two boards in the mix as well...).  Sheer perfection this thing is!

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