Monday, November 11, 2019

Second Helping - 10 November

La, Marlon and Noe had music events to go to on Sunday afternoon.  I stayed back to finish some errands, to work on the 4'10" Foilboard and to get a second surf session in - this time with the foil.

With the waves up, I changed the front wing out to the HS1550.  This was the first day I had the HS1550 on the 5'2" - and the first three waves stuffed me full of humble pie.  I eventually got the pattern down and started making the steeper drops and finding the sweet spot (super small on the smaller board).

My old habits from surfing keep creeping back - everytime I see a steep, curling section, I want to paddle to it and takeoff as if I was on a standard shortboard.  Unfortunately, being on a larger hydrofoil quickly brings me back to reality.  I've made a few of these drops - but I have eaten it on way more.  I wish there was a foil that was smaller enough to let you make the drop without popping out the water, but still large enough to cruise the inside where the swell is smaller.

While I was riding the inside, I had several lined up racetrack walls where I could just ride on the foil without pumping.  Then as the section broke up, I would crank out a hard banked turn and shoot back 180 to do it again going the other way.  This wing definitely moves faster that the CF1600 and I can turn harder.  This endeavor I've embarked on has been one of the most challenging and rewarding pursuits - so much fun making it and getting worked over!

Also - because I didn't take any pictures, I sanded the 4'10" through the 120 and 180 grits.  I went ahead and sprayed the bottom with clear coat.  I drilled out the leash plug hole.  And lastly I painted the front half of the top deck and got a pinline around the painted section.

Awesome Sunday!

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