Saturday, November 30, 2019

Windy Saturday Dawn Patrol - 30 November

Marlon and I headed out to get some early morning surf.  As soon as we left the house he noted "Wow - the wind really picked up quick".  That was telling as the surf was super choppy.

Marlon decided to sit this one out (too cold).  I headed out for a 40 minute session.  Tide was super full at 2.2', the swell was knee high with some waist sets, and the water was warm once you got used to it.  I had out the 4'10" and the CF1600 and caught several with four long rides all the way into the beach.

It was a little tough riding with all the chop, but it was still super fun!  In my lifetime of surfing, I have never looked forward to smaller, super mushy surf - now that's all I want to surf!

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