Thursday, April 15, 2010

Farrier/Corsair Trimaran Nationals

Took an afternoon off and went to Ft Walton Beach, Florida where the subject event was being held. What a unique opportunity to check out so many different types of Farrier and Corsair boats in one stop!

Ian Farrier (the boat designer) was present as this was the 25th Anniversary of the F27. He was very patient as most of the owners asked him every question under the sun concerning the lineage, ideas and inspiration behind the common man's trimaran.

Got home real late and it definitely messed up my internal clock at work (imagine sitting in a not too exciting, but still important meeting, and the room temperature starts to get rather warm - your head starts bobbing like a hyperactive fishing lure - and then you wake up realizing you've been under for several minutes - not that that happened to me today.... but the feeling was something like that)

Lots of knowledge gathered in a very short period of time - efficiency. Me likey!

In case you didn't know, Ian Farrier is the gentleman in the blue shirt (check out the socks).

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