Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stinking Rotten Wind Forecast

Earlier in the week, the wind forecast called for strong, stiff winds for yesterday and today. The wind came - on Friday (WHEN I HAD TO WORK>>>)!

Good thing I guess - I am still a little under the weather with the crud.

Friday would have seen the new kite go up, the Starboard Element cruising under sail or the Weta screaming along.

I had the truck loaded up with my 'retro' gear hoping for stronger winds but alas it was not to be... A side note about the gear - if you haven't yet watched THE WINDSURFING MOVIE II, the Mark Angulo section sees him rummaging through a pile of old 80s and 90s pre-Cobra factory production windsurfer model high performance wave boards. He digs out an asymmetric Angulo and proceeds to ride it. The RRD Original Flying Board and the Naish "Flash" Twin Tip Directional were both hot in their day. I have not been able to let these boards go in favor of their newer cousins - for good reason - they are built to last and they are built to rip.

But ripping they did not today. I'm chalking this weekend up as 100% SKUNKED.

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