Sunday, July 31, 2011

Windsurfing Day

Inspired by the last windsurfing regatta and the possibility of sailing in the Hatteras Wave Jam (maybe), I decided against kiting today and to try and get better with the sail.

I was on the water by 1000 and my arms gave out by 1500.

I had a few runs where I was planing with a 5m2 sail, and a bunch of time just underpowered. I waterstarted like time has not passed (since I last windsurfed in Kailua Bay with my old setup in the days before kiting exploded).

I also did not nail my jibes just like no time passed. I can regularly get the board pointed downwind, but then I botch the sail transfer. Some things don't change....!!!!!!//#$%#@@#@#$%^%&!@$

After 5 hours of trying to get setup to BOTCH jibes, my arms were Jello and I called it quits.

I have found my golf -

The group picture is of the local crowd - they don't blow their jibes and actually they come in hot and lay down some smoke on their turns. I still have a goal to be able to do just that - fast, up on the rail transitions and to finish off by riding away on the new tack. I've got a long way to go (but at least I didn't go backwards)

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