Monday, August 1, 2011

Kite Maintenance

Either the coral chunks at the stretch of beach I launch from are taking their toll on the canopy of my 2011 16m Cabrinha Crossbow, or the canopy material is lightweight, non-rugged material. Maybe a little of both, but either way I had some small holes in the material just after the leading edge material ends and the canopy material begins.

I cut out a bunch of symmetric squares from some dacron material preloaded with some sticky backing, then patch the canopy.

Fixed up about 7 spots where a hole had worn through.

I also moved the bridle lines back to the A settings - I hoping it slows down the responsiveness of the kite. I have noticed that this 16m is far less agile than the 2010 11m Crossbow I regularly fly. I'm hoping that this adjustment changes shortly.

Maintenance is a bummer, but there is no better way to get intimately familiar with your gear (and possibly prevent an incident from happening).

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