Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catching Repeat

I went back to 4 Mile Run on Saturday morning to go fishing and get a better understanding of the water/structure. It was even colder than Friday, but I took a long walk around the block (literally) to warm up before I hit the water. I strung up the Nissin Fine Mode with the TUSA furled line and ended up using several flies through the course of the day - a squirmy wormy (#12 hook), a bead head green scud, a bead head killer bug and an olive woolly bugger. I caught fish on every thing except the squirmy wormy - the hook was too large for the fish that were willing to chase flies. I didn't bother keeping count, but the same trio came to hook - pumpkinseeds, green sunfish and the bluegs (bluegills). I did see a couple of channel cats that weren't interested in any of the flies - even the woolly bugger that I literally stuck in it's face. And lastly, I got a close up look at the carp-ish fish I saw schools of earlier in the week.I'll be consulting my fish catalog books to see what I'll need to tie up to get this fish interested in a game of tug-o-war... you saw it here first - the sasquatch of 4 Mile Run (because the yeti is that albino tilapia). There were a bunch more people fishing today - one spinning for food, a six others on western fly gear (two of which were guides). Looks like winter fishing protocol is in full effect. I am still resisting the tying bench, but I don't know for how much longer... maybe when it starts to snow (or maybe after I've landed that yeti)...

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