Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Camping Trip Day One

We went camping again last Friday - this time to Jane's Island in SE Maryland. I got new tires for the trailer - lots of tread on them still but the old ones had some delamination in the tread area from age. I also used a 2" drop hitch this time and minus the squat on the rear suspension of the truck, the towing configuration looks better. The kids caught some toads around the camp site. I personally don't like touching toads myself - but they didn't mind at all. The fire burned until 10pm when we all were pretty tired. Next time I light a fire, I see which way the wind is blowing first - with the traffic in and out, enough smoke got in that we had the smell inside for a while. The more we use the camper, the better it'll get! This trip we still did not have a sewage hookup.

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