Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fishing Report 6/17/2014

I haven't been out casting, fishing or catching for the past few days - we had the packers and movers here getting our household goods out of the house and into non temporary storage (military speak for long term storage). It has been difficult purging things we don't need or haven't used in a long time, organizing items to make it easier for the packers to box, and separate what we are going to need for the next couple/few/several months while we figure out what our future holds (what job, where we will live, buy/rent, how close to water/surf/wind/fish we will be...) - pretty stressful. Well - I ended the dry spell today with a late afternoon session. Caught a 7-8" largemouth and a few hand sized bluegills. Lined up the Leiderman Lamiglas 703/3 with the SA Supra DT3 - magic for lightweight flies. I had tied on some bigger/heavir flies to see what the limit was - didn't take much (Cheech's Lowfat Minnow in size 4 wacky hook was too big, the beadhead yarn bodied killer buggers in size 12 were too heavy). Still great fun casting/catching with this rod - who would have guessed I'd love casting a noodle!!!

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