Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sabbatical Fishing

Today was the first day I got up and decided I would go fishing. With no appointments, interviews, errands, or honey do's I tied up a hot pink, brass bead head, size 20 nymph'ish fly with a dun hackle collar. I caught a ton of bluegill and a couple of bass. I was using the Barclay Glass 3wt lined with a RIO Gold 3wt. The more I use this combo, the more I am convinced that it is sheer perfection. And who can argue with a progressive bend like this... Nice largemouth to hand. On to the bluegill - the water is warming up because the bluegill bite is on!!! At some points, I was catching a blueg every cast. Small guys, but one on every cast. With a 3wt rod, you could still feel the fight and not instantaneously overpower the fish (yeah you can who am I kidding - but restraint is a virtue and makes ultralight weight fishing fun). I walked around the lake and found a spot with all the bull bluegs just hanging out. It was the furthest spot downwind so I suspect they were in feeding mode. I tied on a copper/black mini clouser and the fun really started!!! Nothing like fighting bull bluegs on a 3wt (except maybe double digit bones on an 8wt; or GTs on the same 8wt; or smallmouth on a 6wt - you get the picture)!!! Being in between jobs with a sparse schedule is wonderful - I love being on sabbatical!!!

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