Monday, December 15, 2014

On Our Way Up

We finally made it to the long pitstop - Dupont Washington. I got a job in Honolulu and the family will stay in Washington with family until I can bring them over. I drove both vehicles over from Florida to Washington - we all have monkey butt, but I got in over 8000 miles in the last month. If you count back to June when I retired, I've got over 12,000 miles in driving both vehicles and hauling the trailer. It's been a long haul full of uncertainty since I retired from the Navy. We had some great adventures along the way (as documented on this blog) - and we are preparing for a major one when we all move to Hawaii. We will be purging lots of our household goods and preparing to ship a few PODS - I'll be working to get us into a house (expecting to get one and put some work into it - not like our plan for Florida 'get new'). So you'll start seeing a Hawaii centric swing from this blog - since I write it, it flows more to what I've been doing (although I like to keep it focused on what we do as a family). As a family we've been separated before - deployments, training and site visits abroad - but this being my first job outside the Navy, I was hoping NOT to be separated - but oh well.

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