Monday, July 20, 2015

He'eia Fish Pond July "la holo holo"

Saturday I got to fishing inside the He'eia Fish Pond. During the summer months they hold a monthly predator eradication day where they open up the pond to the community to help harvest the kaku (barracuda), papio (small trevally), and snapper so the mullet (ama ama) can grow to harvesting size. They still need to finish repairs to the last gate (makaha), but they are pretty close. The water was super low, so the fishing was tough. The first fish I caught was a lizardfish in the low water outside the wall. I did manage to get one kaku inside the wall. This is technically what the fish pond crew wanted done, but with the water levels so low, there weren't many fish to target. I did go wading outside the wall on the flat next to the second makaha - I hooked into several papio, but they were all just under the DLNR 10" minimum. That's ok - I'm in a catch and release phase anyways. A long day spent under the sun, but a great opportunity to fish a place normally off limits. Great way to help out the fish pond (normally I cut down mangrove trees by hand...)

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