Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Surfing on Marlon's Birthday

We went to the beach for the day to go surfing on Marlon's Birthday! Marlon and I went out first - and I got to christen the new board!!! These pictures are from the first wave. On the earlier post I forgot to mention that the two Futures boxes on the board weren't cleaned up well... I spent the morning before leaving for the beach cleaning resin from both boxes and tapping out one of the worm screw holes. No harm no foul (although maybe a telltale sign of quality control issues??? - then again I did acknowledge they haven't placed these sidebiter boxes on before). Marlon took his board out, but I believe he is still getting used to the lower volume of the fiberglass board when compared to the old "Skipper" board. Once he was on the Skipper board, he was catching waves more frequently. I went out for a second session with Amy and Charlie - I'll post pictures of Amy surfing in a separate post. Great day - especially since it was Marlon's 13th Birthday!!!

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