Monday, October 14, 2019

Cutting Out the Holes for the Track Box Reinforcement Block

I had some time today, so I got some work done on the new foil board.  This is the line up for the fin (track) boxes - for this length, I'm setting the trailing edge of the foil to sit around 7.25" up from the tail - eyeballed to allow for adjustability back and forward.

I used the big router to cut the deep voids.  Kinda messy with the polyurethane foam dust blowing all over.

With the holes cut out, I'll cut some fiberglass to use as the hole liner, then use epoxy (with some milled fibers) to set in the two blocks.  

After that, I'll fair in the d-cell blocks and move to the top deck (have to use the vacuum bag to laminate the d-cell sheets I want to place to prevent front foot pressure dings (I'm much to anal for my own good...)

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