Thursday, November 24, 2011

Deja Vu Bluefin Trevally

Hit two spots today -

Tried flyfishing down South but didn't see anything - I didn't even get a hook up with one of the pesky juvee groupers...

I switched to pitching a big popper and I did get a young Bluefin Trevally. It is amazing the size lures a fish will try to take. Looking at proportions, it would be like an average sized human trying to eat a whole baby pig in two gulps.

The tide was coming up fast so we moved to spot number two.

Big waves breaking in the background BUT

I nailed these two BFTs -

The second one was the other BFT that was following the one I caught last Saturday - same weight, same length, same spot, similar lure - deja vu...

Weighed in at the Marina at 14 pounds (although it seemed like a 20 pounder to me).

And I didn't break the rod today!

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