Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Fishing - Part 2 - Bonefish Party

I hadn't seen a single Bone while I was walking the flats and it was getting hot, and I was getting hungry - "time to go" - no action tends to drop off the interest factor


As my fishing partner and I were making our way back to shore, he noticed something and said "there's a lot of fish over here"

I went to look and they were mullet.

Where there are mullet, there are Bones.

So I started casting the Bonefish Bitter and....

WHACK - I ended up catching four "Forearm" Bones (Bonefish as big around as my forearm and as long as the distance between my fingers and my elbow) back to back -

In order to make sure the tippet didn't break, I would try to get the Forearm Bones to run up the beach when a wave would lap up. This was way easier on the fish and they all went back into the water with a lot of energy.

This is the new high tide spot!!!

This certainly made up for the fly losses I had last weekend - but I still didn't see the "Thigh Bones" - foot to mid upper thigh sized Bonefish.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually got bored catching the forearms...

I want a thigh bone.... There is always next weekend!!!

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