Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not a Trevally but...

I did catch a couple of fish on the fly I tied yesterday.

"Frankenfly" caught a hawkfish (plump one at that) and a wrasse.

That was really satisfying - tying a fly and catching fish with it. Bonus points were flowing since this fly had recycled materials.

The chain eyes weren't heavy enough to sink the fly quickly. The rubber from the balloon didn't help in that regard either. The circle hook did make a difference - was able to release the fish quickly and they were happier (at least I assume they were, as opposed to being deep hooked in the throat). I don't think I'll use any other types of hooks for tying the small flies.

I did at least see a couple of Bluefin Trevally - but they saw me first and got spooked. There's always tomorrow...

Happy Birthday goes out to Steve-O "Spaceman" Sandusky - who caught a wrasse "that was bigger than my wrasse" with his Birthday gift.

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