Monday, October 31, 2016

Fish and Dive Expo 2016

Right after the Punahou, we stopped off at the 2016 Fish and Dive Expo!!!! I actually didn't buy anything - can you believe that??? Maybe it's because we're on a budget and I'm trying to stick to it ;) What we did see closely resembled many of the other expos we've been to earlier this year (Hawaii Ocean Expo, lots of the science days, etc) - good to see many of the same vendors, but it'd also be nice to see some new and different things, or vendors from the other islands. Windward Boats had several boats at the show - nice day boats for hitting the sand bar or dragging some inshore lures. But the fishing kayaks and the New reversible Mirage Drive propulsion systems took the cake. I've seen these air bags advertised on Facebook alot - Some nice gyotaku at the show!

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