Thursday, March 5, 2009

Favorite Kiteboard

The 4'10" Naish Twin Tip Directional "Flash" model

Certainly an oldie - but to date the most dependable board I've ever kited with (and the list is long and distinguished).

The quad setup on this one is actually being used on the latest racing boards being made (reference the NJS fin setups) and the thing is bullet proof - hardly a scratch on it after tons of usage.

I ordered this board back in 2001 and it has served me faithfully all these years as I've slashed waves apart across the globe (Virginia Beach, the Outer Banks, Florida, Oahu, the Shonan coastline, and the Ventura beaches).

Massive channels upfront.

Sometimes things happen for a reason... this board and I were meant to meet wave energy head on and convert it into stoke energy.

1 comment:

Julian said...

Dear Sir,

Can you tell me, if this table, is good to begin with the kitesurfing?. I am
windsurfer, I like the speed, and cross my bay with my slalomboard.

For me, the question is, is possible the jibe in the Flash, or I had to return with the changed feet?. Is a good idea, to make a big fins, for better performance in light winds?.

Thank you very match, for you replay. And greetings from Spain.