Sunday, March 29, 2009

Next up at bat...

Leandra has a gazillion projects going on at any one time - Hawaiian quilts, sewing projects for herself or the kids, sewing projects for friends, the desire to cook new foods, physical fitness activities, sewing classes, and other things. She has said, and I am quoting, "you have to start a new project before you finish off your current one to keep your perspective fresh".

Well - even though I've got two ongoing projects (the woodie at home and the foamie with the class), I must admit I've been thinking about what is next (LA HAS GOTTEN ME BRAINWASHED).

Well, here it is - a sub 9'6" SUP. Probably will be a 9'2" - this one built for manuevering as it's main focus. The Walden will turn, but it still has a longboard/cruiser feeling to it. This next project will be built to have a wave dissecting capability that will make it the envy of all waveriders!!! That's the intention anyways... and if you don't like it when I'm done, well thats ok too. As long as La likes it then that's all that matter!!!

The Naish 9'3" is almost perfect - except that it has FCS fins (I hate FCS fins!) and the nose is a little skinnier that I would like (take the Naish 9'6" nose and put it on the 9'3" tail, use Futures boxes on the side thrusters and put a fin box in the middle and I'll buy it!). The Infinity Carver is also very close - it has the wider nose, curvy hips for turning and futures boxes. What it doesn't have is the bomb proof composite sandwich construction the Naish has.

Bamboo top and bottom skins, vacuum bagging (yes Nick - I have seen the light), 2# EPS core, carbon fiber as the bottom inner glass to promote stiffness - this will be pretty cool when it's all finished.

My mission - to take the best from both and make the "ENVY"!!!! Depending on when I get orders and to where, this may take a while...

But like La says "You gotten start before you finish"!!!

The 9'3" is credited to the Naish Surfing website; the Infinity Carver is credited to the Infinity Surfboards website - both AWESOME sources for AWESOME boards (I have several myself - so yes I do endorse them).

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