Saturday, August 3, 2013


I was surfcasting in the afternoon yesterday using shrimp and sand crabs. I didn't leave the rod in a rod holder and just held on to it the whole time. I could feel the spot nipping at the bait - I had number 6 Gamakatsu bait holder hook which were a bit too big for the spot. And I could really feel the bluefish take the shrimp and do the headshake. I got the fish to the beach and was in the process of going toward La to get a picture, but the fish had bent the hook and was able to flop off and swim away. Oddly enough it was 14" (same length as the carp I got a picture of). Some annoying kids (whose female parental unit was completely ignoring her corralling responsibilities and giving me the opportunity to talk with her kids - damn lazy parents) kept trying to tell me the bluefish was in fact the largest spot they have seen to date. Oh well - I didn't feel like eating bluefish anyways, although I did stumble on a new ceviche recipe that used bluefish...

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