Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fishing Report 8/8/2014

We went to the jetty late on Friday - I have been itching to chuck some flies again so I left the spinning gear back at the camper (but Marlon brought his - so we weren't without). We each caught a rock blenny - both on tiny jigs tipped with "Fish Bites" shrimp flavored - yes I know that is bait fishing even if I used fly gear - but I have a good reason. I lost the three flies I brought with me to the submerged rocks (or fish that grabbed the flies and pulled off by snagging me in the submerged rocks - I like that explanation better). I didn't have anything left but the small jigheads and the bait. I was using my Orvis Hydros 8 wt lined with a Hydros Depth Charge - despite the controversy, catching was fun.

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