Friday, August 22, 2014

Fishing Report 8/22/2014

We went to the beach in the late afternoon today. I brought the St Croix Surf Triumph and the Orvis Hydros - no paddleboard today because the afternoon seabreeze had kicked in. I set up the surf rod with a pompano rig and after a few casts, I caught this whiting - no skunk today. I decided that I could catch whiting again, or I could try catching whatever was chasing the smaller baitfish in the water. I broke out the flyrod and opened a huge can of "I can cast like a champ in my mind". I did make some good casts in the 50' range with an intermediate sink line, but I also did flog myself multiple times (the weighted fly hit me at high speed in my back several times and in the head a couple). Talk about humility. I decided to renew my confidence and picked up the surf rod again. I cast and felt a tug - set the hook and the drag started singing!!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking... This rod was AWESOME!!! Sweet bend and perfect backbone!!! I didn't hog all the fun - I let the kids take turns feeling a solid pull. I still can't believe I caught this shark using "Fish Bites" bait (clam flavor) on a $0.95 pompano rig!!!! This shark should have cut me off - but I hooked it right in the lip where it could only chomp on the hook - check this out!!! Proof of fair game (lip hooked) We took a few pictures and I quickly released this guy back in to the sea. I haven't had this much fun catching a fish in a long while!!!!

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