Monday, August 11, 2014

More on the ULI Lopez

I was packing this board up yesterday and took some pictures to see how it holds up over the next several years. The seams seem to pull back just a hair after a few days of full inflation. This also happened on the ULI FAQ I had, but I didn't have a chance to document how the seams moved over time. Mind you this was not an issue with the FAQ, so I am not anticipating it to be an issue here with the Lopez - I just wanted to have an understanding of it. Being able to remove the fins really gets this board packed down much smaller than the versions with the permanent fins. Having the boxes use Futures is a tremendous bonus - I can dig out my stash of fins and put them to good use (I want to try out the Scimitars when I get my household goods back). A board that packs down this small and surfs as well as it does is begging to travel and slash (waves) - I am looking forward to a long term partnership and many waves -

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Unknown said...

Hi Victor, It's Chris from ULI. I really like your blog & photos. I just posted your fishing FAQ on the ULI FB today for Aloha Friday. Anyway, I wanted to let you know your seams are not moving - if you board gets a lot of direct sunlight any excess glue outside of the seams will discolor like that. I keep most of my demos in an outdoor alleyway and they have the same discoloration. If you have any questions give us a call.