Tuesday, August 19, 2014

One of the Few...

We spent Monday taking a look around the beach town of New Smyrna Beach. I specifically wanted to go to New Smyrna Outfitters - a fishing tackle shop that has a good emphasis on fly fishing. Friendly owner and shop folks, great selection of equipment, and they gave excellent advise on fishing in the area as well as where the cool spots to eat are. I'll make separate posts on some of the cool things I bought. Speaking with the owner - Eddie Oliveras - was tons of fun! Cool guy that offered tons of fly advice and his take on the job market (something that I could use some help on still). He did bring up that the number of fly fishing shops is decreasing. He did mention Black Fly up here in Jacksonville, but said that a few had recently closed their doors. I think having fly and spinning gear is a smart tactic to take - I know I use both, making decisions depending on the weather - and I can drool over lures or flies. Equal opportunity I say! Make sure if you are heading south on I-95, pull off and spend some time in this shop.

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