Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fuselage Sanded and an Afternoon Session to Clean off the Grime

Saturday we had a busy morning helping some folks with digging some agave and cactus out of the ground - I've got the arm welts to prove it.  I was targeting an afternoon surf session with Marlon, so I figured I should get even grimier before going.  I added more sweat and fiberglass dust from sanding the fuselage down to the dried up sweat, dirt and blood from moving agave.

Next step is to glass the top of the mounting plate and then get the mast attached.  With this step done -surf!!!  I'm not sure where the swell came from but it was over head and a blast!!!!  I got more than a few really great waves and got to pull some fast large arc sweeping turns and speed runs along long walls - so much fun!  If I had known there was swell, I would have brought the Greedy Beaver - but the TJ Everyday wasn't overpowered so it's all good.

I also got a gyotaku printed - but that's another blog....

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