Friday, July 20, 2012

New Racks Installed

I installed the Thule racks on tonight. I got the new Aero Blade cross bar. If you are planning on using this setup, I set the front measurement tabs to 45.5, not the 43 indicated on the fit kit. The instructions also show how the feet sit in relation to the door clamps - from the instructions, you could not get both (foot pads in the position shown on the instructions with the indicated measurement). The rear bar went in fine according to the instructions. The Windsurfing Hatteras bar pads will be there until I can get a set of Dakine extra long pads (top padded version). Overall it seems like they'll do well - I'll take them for a spin unloaded and then loaded tomorrow.


Eric Hahn said...

How did the actual drive test go?

Victor Velasco said...

Eric -

I drove it out and didn't hear any wind noise. I found if I blare the music, I can't hear anything. All kidding aside, the aeroblades work to cut the windnoise as advertised. I have installed/used the square Thules on 4 vehicles now and this is definitely an improvement.