Saturday, May 7, 2011

Checking Out an Old Boss's New Boat

While in JAX, we stopped by to have lunch with one of my former Bosses - CAPT Ed Brown.

While he lived in Gulfport, he had a boat in his garage, but it didn't move much. It was also a smaller boat - big enough to cruise around in but not much else.

Well that's all changed now - he picked up a gently used Sea Ray and it is nice...

The lot that he keeps it stored in had crushed limestone and guess what the kids found - yes, marine fossils. Now we have crushed limestone in Noe's seat so the kids can see ancient marine life fossilized whenever they want to (at least while they're in the car and when they happen to remember they have ancient marine fossils riding around with them).

Ed and Eileen took us to a place called Whitey's Fish Camp - classic Southern Cuisine with a North Florida flair. What was really cool about the place was the decor in the entry way - the owner was a Navy Diver and he had the cool stuff to prove it (plaques, knives, helmets, etc). Now I know what I'm going to do with my junk when I no longer have an office to store it in...

Lastly, the other thing that was cool at the restaurant was the piers you could drive up to (in a boat). That is not uncommon for restaurants that cater to boaters, but there was a Glacier Bay 23 foot cat tied up - nice reminder of what could be (if we go to a place that we could really benefit from using a power boat - Hawaii.... for fishing, providing escort boat services to paddlers, reaching isolated surf spots, cruising to the other islands on long weekends - ah the life...)


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