Sunday, March 15, 2020

Evening Session - 3/15/2020

We double dipped today!!!  Second session I brought out the 5'6" foilboard and the Maliko 200 on the short mast.  The tide was somewhere between 0.9' to 1.2' - deep enough that I didn't really have to worry about grounding.  The wind was coming from the SE and you could see squalls riding the visible horizon.

Marlon was trying tricks again.  I definitely had the correct equipment out - this setup was perfect from the get go.  I caught ten in an hour and a half - long rides with minimal pumping, just gliding along and when a section showed or I got close to the beach, I'd crank a carving turn and dismount.  Too much fun!!!

I also got a couple of pump returns as a bonus - I could have taken the first return wave for a 2 for 1, but I just took the ride back out.  One of the squalls finally caught us and we called it!  Really fun session that proved the right gear makes all the difference. 

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