Friday, March 20, 2020

Evening Session - 3/20/2020

It's been a long week - rain, rain, more rain, COVID-19 preparation, getting the van maintained, and garage activities (finishing repairs, starting repairs, working on the new boards and arranging things) - hardly any time and didn't get to surf during the week.  Well - Marlon and I ended the no surf streak this evening.

The forecast called for 1-2' - it seemed closer to 3' on the sets and there were even a few head high waves.  I caught a few of those and rode them all the way from the outside where it was a semi-steep bump all the way to the inside by the beach.  Early on it was big, smooth, glassy long walls - the Viking delivers what ever is needed exactly when it is needed - super easy takeoffs, glide to stay on the wave, and hard turning from the tail.  If I could only have one board - this would be it.

Marlon had a bunch also - he didn't want to leave!

It's days like this that make me realize just how lucky I am to surf these waves, and to surf them with my son!  Tomorrow the early morning tide is favorable for the foil!!!

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