Saturday, March 14, 2020

Template Transferring

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling really tired after work - long week.  Normally where I would be running to get an evening surf, I figured I'd just rest.  I took a nap and Marlon did go out.  After I got up, there was still daylight - I ended up fixing the ding on my 5'2" Foilboard, plugging up the pinholes in the 4'10", and putting a last fill coat on the ama that I'm fixing.  After that - I brought in the 6'5" fish blank and transferred the templates for the asymmetric.  Yes I know this is old school, but to me there is a better connection made with a board the more you handling it at the beginning.  CNC is fast and accurate, but I'll stick with the old school.

Marlon also templated his shortboard.  Trimming fat is next.

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