Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ahoy There!!!!

While we were at Reuse Hawaii, Marlon saw this in the upper shelves - See - hidden gems!!! Nice to see an El Toro hull hanging out!!!

A New, Old Chair and the Start of Annual Teak Maintenance

Since we were out, Marlon and I went to drop off our old kitchen sink faucet at Reuse Hawaii. If you haven't been there, it is a great place to grab some lumber and there are some hidden gems that come through there as people bring household items that can be "Re-used". Well, just as I was making our faucet donation, there were several teak chairs that caught my eye. I asked La if she like them and she said yes. The only thing is most of them needed a little more TLC than I had time for. However, there was one that was in relatively good condition... and it came home with us. So there went my afternoon - sanding with 60, 100, 120 and 220, then cleaning this new chair and the big bench so I could oil both. As you can see, the van was behind the sanding effort - so then I had to wash and dry the van. Well - with Noe's help I did get both pieces cleaned and oiled!!! I'll probably clean and oil the table and the two folding chairs that are downstairs tomorrow - then I'll do the other two chairs and the small table in the upstairs lanai next weekend. Now that we're finally planting roots and these teak pieces are in a subtropical environment, it is actually pretty fun to clean them and give them an annual oiling. Hopefully that will keep them strong and in good condition for years to come!

No Skunk on a Stormy Saturday

I took Marlon out to the flats this morning. We dismantled our experimental tank and wanted to return the rocks, sand and occupants back to where we borrowed them from, but since we were there... I took a spinning rod and a pocketful of ika (squid cut into strips). I brought this fat hawkfish to hand. I actually had hooked this fish just a few minutes before, but it swung the leader under the reef ledge and cut me off. The second time I hooked it, I got it to hand it still had the other hook and leader in it's mouth!!! Marlon opted to just observe today and armed with a tako box, he did just that. He saw tons of Convict Tangs (manini), baby long spined sea urchins (vana), a type of fish we are still trying to identify, and the prize sighting... an octopus (he'e)!!! I did get another bite later in the session. It took the bait and started a screaming run and kicked up a rooster tail - I stopped to set the hook, but it didn't take and the fish spit the hook... I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is something primal in listening to a reel peeling drag... that sound is awesome!!!! Most likely a barracuda (kaku) - it even shredded my small wire leader a bit. We packed it up when the wind and rain started to come down on us. Great day on the flat!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Practical Fishing Vessel

I can't purchase one now (need to pay off our new solar panels, kill the credit card, and destroy other debt), but if I had the disposable income, this would be a contender for a near-shore fishing vessel. This would make for quick launch and recoveries, and the fuel bill will be tiny in comparison to a bigger boat. The other contender is the Hobie Tandem Adventure Island. And with sailpower, I wouldn't even need to buy gas. I could bring an interested kiddorooster out with me too. But alas, the disposable income eludes me. (In case you were wondering - yes the photo is backwards - I couldn't find a program to easily swab out the guy's license plates)

Jimmy's New Downwind SUP

I met up with Jimmy yesterday to get a look at his new board - SIC V3XL Clean lines, reduced nose volume, and the latest steering system! Nice board!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Solo Sunset SUP Session on Sunday

Long day today - took La and the kids to the sailing clinic, grabbed groceries and a haircut, came home and wash and waxed the 4Runner, edged and mowed the lawn, then went back to pick up the family, tow the boats back to the sail loft and finally ended the errands. There was a little light left so I hustled to the beach to catch a few waves. Marlon was pooped out from sailing the whole day so I ended up going solo. Oh - it was 78 degrees F when I hit the water... not trying to rub it in, just stating a fact. Nice relaxed swell, super low winds, awesome sunset - I've seen the sun go down over this same horizon hundreds of times and it never gets old! Sometimes the pictures from the GoPro are unexplainable - like this one. Such a mellow way to end the day!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spending the Day in Kailua and Heeia

So while the kids were learning racing and seamanship tactics, I got in some fishing on the Marine Base. First at the Fuel Pier - I didn't get any bites, but the water was really clear and I did take a few shots at a huge Aha (Crocodile Needlefish). Pulling away from the Marina, I saw this Hobie tucked away in the corner (nice boat). Then at the upper beach at Fort Hase. I didn't catch anything at this spot either. Afterwards I picked up La and we checked out the usual haunts in Kailua. Here is Starboard's SUP foil - pretty big foil compared to the kiting foils - different loads, different surface areas. And Kailua General Store moved over to the main drag through town. Their new digs are cool (but parking is harder than their old location). so we could get a bite to eat at Heeia Pier. Yummy lau lau plate and poke. The inside of the Heeia Pier Shop is really cool - they even had their modified Big Green Eggs out on display (I'm going to have to look into these chimneys). We saw some squid (larger than the last time we visited this spot), a scrawled filefish (smaller one) and a ton of other reef fish. After lunch, I took La back to the clinic and headed out get some errands done (like getting a new tip for the kite rod - that's another post).

Reef Growth at Kaneohe Yacht Club

This is the section closest to the bulkhead at the smallboat ramp. Lost of coral head growth and fish fry. Yeah that's me taking the picture. And this is a Farrier (I love these boats!!!!)

Towing Duty and "El Toro" Clinics

The kiddoroosters have an El Toro Clinic this weekend and I got to tow again (I actually like towing things). The packing crew didn't tighten down the starboard - outboard hull. We made a little pitstop on the elevated H-3 freeway (I'll post a picture when I get it from La's phone). And the kids got to learn some of the finer points of sailing the "Bullship".