Thursday, November 15, 2018

Routing the 5'6" and Repeating on the 5'2"

I got home and routed the mast track slots into the 5'6".  I had to make some adjustments to the router and I managed to muck up the starboard slot (AGAIN - did the same thing to the lightwind kite board - why can't I get this right???  Wait a minute - I'm covering the whole thing with carbon fiber so - IT DOESN'T MATTER).

I also noticed the manhandling of the board to get the reinforcement blocks in place kinda trashed the top deck (the pipe ends got smashed into the top deck).  I went ahead and added some spackle - which I'll sand tomorrow afternoon before I set the boxes in and finish glassing the bottom deck.

After that work, I felt compelled to get the 5'2" caught up (and apply lessons learned to make myself feel better).  This board went smoothly (since I knew what pitfalls to look out for).

The rollers I picked up from Fiberglass Hawaii are awesome!  There has been no drips, runs or other general application issues.  I am probably jinxing myself, but I see the remainder of this glassing going smoothly (I just need to pick up some more rollers so I don't run out).

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5'6" Setup for First Bottom Laminate and the Reinforcement Blocks

I got the first board setup for glassing.  Block gets set in first, immediately followed by the first bottom deck layer of glass (4oz).  I'm not doing the epoxy tonight - ran out of daylight.

This part is oddly satisfying and extremely frustrating at the same time - it is awesome when the glass lies flat.  It will drive you crazy if the glass lifts for absolutely no reason...

I trimmed up the labels also.  These are going to be fun on the board - hopefully keeping them under just the outer layer of glass will keep the clarity of the print.

Next steps after this is glassed, is to rout out the box slots, set those in place, slap on the labels and get a top layer of glass on (6oz).  Then flip and get a double layer of glass on.  Even after all that, there is still drilling a hole for the leash plug and a vent.  Did I mention I hate glassing...

Monday, November 12, 2018

More Hydrofoil Parts

And since I was at it - I made the last couple of parts needed to get the next couple of foils done - a fuselage for the second surf foil and a rear wing for the kiting foil. 

Not bad if I do say so myself -

Router in Use

Despite my lack of motivation, I did move the foilboards forward - I routed out the voids for the divynicell reinforcement blocks.  Lots of foam snowing around -

As you can see, I got the voids cut into both of the blanks.  I fitted the divynicell blocks into the holes - I'll likely sand them down just a bit to make room for the carbon fiber and fiberglass that will go around the blocks.  I actually had other errands to run today, so I couldn't get the glass on.  I'll try for tomorrow evening after I get back from work - at least the bottoms and the blocks glassed.

Glassing Rack

Here's a picture of the PVC glassing racks. 

Still haven't used them... glassing sucks.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Getting a Slow Start

My predictions of having the foil boards glassed by this weekend were flat out wrong.  I didn't even touch this project over the past week.  Instead I did carve out two wider front wings and three masts for a foil kit I'm mailing out (this one is yours Charlie), and a second surfing foil that will have bolt on wings.
I finished sanding these parts this afternoon.

In my defense, I did switch jobs recently and have been moving offices and getting acclimated to my new work environment.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  I did manage to switch out the router bit on the big router - so tomorrow morning I can route out the reinforcement block voids.  I also cut out some carbon fiber to drop in the voids of one of the boards (need to dig out the other carbon sheets I have), and added the glassing rack uprights to my shaping racks - I'll post pictures of these tomorrow as I'm glassing (YES I AM GOING TO FINALLY START GLASSING THESE BOARDS).  Should be a full day tomorrow...

Fifth Time Out on the Foil

Dawn patrol this morning - the waves were on the small side, but at least there were waves (it's mid November and the North swells are definitely in play now).  I took the foil out again.  I am getting up easier now and riding straight for a little longer - but I still usually get bucked off the board if my weight shifts.  Knowing the foil lifts is reassuring, but I'm still planning on building another with a wider front wing (which is removable to facilitate experimentation).  This first one can support Marlon surf foiling and my future windsurf wave foiling ambitions. 

I ended up riding about five waves on the foil - but the longest ride was only a couple of seconds (longest one to date).  Marlon brought the longboard and he caught his fill.   Fun morning!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Final Sanding Finished

I got the final sanding finished on the two blanks this afternoon.  I knocked off the spackle high points using 180 screen and did a second pass with 400 screen.  

After the sanding, I measured out the center point of where the mast will mount, and lined up the reinforcement blocks.  I'll route these holes out in the next day or so and get these glassed in (fiberglass underlayment, epoxy slurry fill, mounted flush to the bottom deck).

I want to get these done, but my massive aversion to glassing is forcing me to find all kinds of reasons not to glass - repotting plants in preparation for an upcoming plant sale, cleaning the garage, picking weeds from the landscaping, running errands - and many more.  That said, I believe a purpose built foil board will help shorten the learning curve so that is what is making me take the necessary steps towards getting these boards finished.

Sunday Dawn Patrol - Fourth Outing with the Foil

Marlon and I got in a session before I had to take him to music practice.  The wind was down from yesterday's session (but you can sense that will change once the sun rises higher) and the waves were pretty much the same - which was good for me as I took the foil out again.

Marlon brought out the longboard and was getting some long rides.

I caught five waves with the foil.  The first three I was able to stand and it wasn't until I tried to turn that the board threw me off.  One of those rides I was way up and stable.  I am being stopped more and more by other regulars as to how the foil works.  I think to really get going I am going to have to finish off the smaller foil boards.  With those I won't be fighting the less than optimal board-foil compatibility issues.  I'll try and get at least one finished this coming week.

Bigger Wings

I decided that my next hydrofoil will have a bigger front wing - so here I am knocking a couple out.  The process starts with drawing out the template.

Then it is just patience - cut once, sand in so it is symmetric, grind down the excess - slowly.

This was yesterday evening.  I'll start work on this again later today, but looking at these pictures I am reminded I have two blanks to prepare for glassing... ah the project list -

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Third Outing with the Hydrofoil

Marlon and I got a late start this morning - we didn't get to the beach until 8:20 or so.  The wind was up (trades are back) and the tide was rising.  The waves were fun but small, especially compared to the past several weeks.  No matter - I brought out the foil and got several waves - not long sweeping rides, but standup and go for a bit until I get thrown off rides.  Marlon took some time got up a few times also.  We both agreed that we need to get our weight further out forward.  My last ride I had my front foot on the 'iwa' painted on the board and I had a long ride, but wasn't sure if the board popped up - probably a sign that that point was the 'too much - too far' spot.

We end up spending about two hours out on the water today.

Unless we get a big west swell that wraps around, today's surf is likely typical of what we'll be surfing for the next several months - and that's perfectly fine with me!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Tops Spackled

I got the tops taped off and spackled this afternoon.

I just noticed the pictures taken in less than bright light are not so good on the new (inexpensive) J3 phone I recently got.  For future reference, this is 1.4 ounces of spackle and 0.7 ounces of water to make a slurry for 2 sides of a board.

Tomorrow I'll use a fine grade screen and sand down the spackle, then I'll use a router and bore out the blank to fit in the divynicell reinforcement blocks.

Labels Printed

I got these printed out this past Wednesday evening.  Running the rice paper through an ink jet printer takes a little patience.

But the results are worth it!

Lele pua'a is "Flying Pig" in Hawaiian

Monday, October 29, 2018

Evening Surf Session - 10/28/2018

Marlon and I were out most of the day running errands - haircut, music practice, groceries, clean up around the house - but before the afternoon slipped away, we headed to the beach to grab some of the last remaining energy coming up from the South Pacific.

I brought out the longboard thinking the swell would have backed off, but yet again I was proven wrong.  Marlon even said the waves were bigger than Saturday's session.  I managed to snag a few really good sized waves - just overhead - and they were awesome!!! Top to bottom turns and running right walls -

The other notable thing about yesterday's session was that it was really cloudy.  I didn't even see the sunset - the day just kinda faded out.  Hopefully there is still some swell to be ridden at White Plains, but taking a moment to reflect on this past year - this has been a really good year for surfing!

Hanging Out on the Log

I took Marlon to orchestra practice yesterday and had a few hours to burn.  I drove over to Kailua to check out what was going on. 

There were a few kiters out on foils and a couple of windsurfers (also on foils).  The wind was marginal - maybe 10 kts.

There are a few logs set out at the western side of the beach park - a place where people have sat and checked out the conditions or taken in the jumps the kiters were making.  The logs are timeless.

I took pictures of the boards when the riders came back onto the beach.  The foils aren't too different size wise from the one I finished building... hmmmm