Saturday, July 20, 2019

Friday Evening Foiling - July 19, 2019

Washing away the week (it was a busy one - but that seems to be the m=norm now).  The swell from earlier in the week had pushed through so thigh high waves were on tap.  The full moon was still gibbous, but it was waning - the tide was high at +2.0'.  I figured I'd be better off using the 5'6" foilboard and the Slingshot FSurf (Infinity 76).

I set the foil where I had last set it on this board (it's been a while since I last used it - in fact I thought I would never use it again but though the past several sessions and yesterday's rides, this board is great for catching smaller waves - the tanker of prone foiling).  I think pushing it just a hair more forward would have been perfect.  Of note, I also installed the Wizardhat Hardware.  It made setup a little bit easier that the conventional M8 25mm bolts and brass T nuts.

I caught a bunch of waves - some were really long rides with more gliding than pumping.  Made me feel like I know what I'm doing (even though I do know what I'm doing, some sessions of late have made me feel like I'm a beginner again).

Marlon came out and took pictures with the GoPro.  Let the weekend begin!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Wednesday Evening Session - July 17, 2019

Full moon = super high tide.  I rigged up the Go Foil Iwa and put on the Kai tail - first time I used this setup.  Marlon brought out the tanker.

Here's where I had the foil set (just forward of pegged back).

When it was good it was real good.  I got four longer fun rides.  Effortless gliding (the foil didn't even want to get pumped).  But when it was off it was off.  I did have a bunch of waves were nothing came together.  No blow ups, but just no lift, or the foil would set off and I would lean and we would get separated.  Still really fun especially on the really long 29.5" + 3" mast!  There seemed to be a crosscurrent subsurface - or something else that was dragging against the foil.

Marlon was cruising on the tanker.  He caught a few really good ones.  The waves still had some energy in them, but the swell has definitely backed down from Sunday.

And Marlon did catch one of me up on the foil as I was headed in.

Nice way to end the day!

Jason and Mikaila's Elopement

My old friend Jason and his new wife Mikaila eloped (with friends and family present) this past Monday at Papailoa Beach up on the North Shore.  La and I made the trip up to be there!!!

There were a bunch of honu in the super shallows.  In all my time on this island, I actually think this was the first time I went down this road and stepped on this beach.  I figured as much because I hadn't seen this gate before (and I certainly would have remembered it).

Awesome small Hawaiian wedding on the beach!!!!  And we followed it up with dinner (reception) at Haleiwa Joe's.  Here's La's whole fried fish

It didn't stand a chance!!!  Congratulations Jason and Mikaila!!!  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day! 

Catch Up Post - 12 to 14 July

I've been slacking again on maintaining this blog.  I'll try and catch up this evening.  First off I went foiling with an old friend who was in town visiting (and eloping).  Jason and I go back to 1997.  We met up at White Plains and spent the afternoon surfing (I was on the Slingshot Infinity 76 and I brought out the Starboard Element for Jason to use).  It was a bit choppy as the trades were starting to fill back in and a new swell was starting to show.  I got up a few times but it was actually a little tough to get the balance point just right.  I had the foil set where I placed the mark - but lifting still felt like work and not natural.  Jason set up a SoloShot 3 and I wore the transponder.  Its a cool device and it tracks pretty solid.  I'll set it up and use it again another day - but I didn't take any pictures on Friday.  I ended up talking to Gary (big green board and Cloud IX foil) and also James (ex-UCT and EOD tech).  We finished the day by heading back to my house for slow smoked pulled pork sliders (SOOOO GOOOD) and beer.

Next day was Saturday and Marlon had a presentation in the morning to finish off his summer internship.  We celebrated by eating plate lunches from Liz's BBQ and napping.  Since this is summer, post nap we still had plenty of light and went out for a surf session.  I had the foil out again (this time bringing it forward a little) and Marlon brought his longboard out.  The foil flew a little easier, but still not effort less.  The swell was picking up for sure.

On Sunday we picked La and Noe up at the airport (Noe participated in a Laser regatta in the San Francisco area).  Evening came around and the swell was hitting full on.  I brought out the Greedy Beaver and Marlon brought his shorter board (the Squirrel).  The swell was well overhead and the drops were epic!  I only got a few waves that stayed open, but all the rides were awesome.

I actually had a loose fin (starboard).  On my first wave I felt some chatter, but for the rest of the session it was stable.  What an awesome surfing weekend!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tuesday Post Commute Session - July 9

Marlon and I hit the beach after our long, slow commute back home.  The surf was not as big as it was on Sunday, but the period was still just as crowded.  There was even a solid current pushing to the West.  Maybe chest high waves on the sets, but mostly waist high.  Tide was around +1.5' in the early evening.

I caught my share using the Slingshot Gamma, but when the waves get to belly high, it's time to bring the Infinity 76 out.

Marlon was catching everything.

It looks bigger than it seemed.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Shallow Water Scars

Here is the Infinity 76 getting all patched up.  One wingtip was hacked up.  There were deep gouges on the same side as the broken wingtip.  And the other side had a couple of significant scratches.

Some sanding, some epoxy fill, a little (not - a lot) of filler/primer, and a bunch of delicate sanding and it is just about as good as new.

At least I can say it has authentic battle damage ;)

Monday, July 8, 2019

Sunday Solo Session with the Gamma - July 7

Marlon wanted to take a break today, so I flew a solo mission.  With yesterday's change up, I thought I should continue the mixing.  I rigged up the Gamma (as I am fixing the chips in the Infinity 76).

The charts on the website say this foil has about the same lift as the Infinity 76 so I figured I should try this setting first.

This setting proved to be a dud - I got the foil to lift, but it wasn't responsive and I was down more than I was up.  Trying to benefit from yesterday's lesson, I brought one of these out with me today - a stubby #3 screwdriver.

I paddled in and made an adjustment to the foil position, dropped the screwdriver back in my pocket and paddled back out.  The foil was performing better, but I still felt like I could get more response out of it.  After a few more waves, I paddled back in and ended up at this position.   I wish I had brought a screwdriver from the beginning of my foiling attempts.  Making changes on the beach really made me quickly appreciate this foil, where I would otherwise have spent a whole session sucking it up.

The foil was super responsive and pumping was very easy - makes me wish I had rigged this up a lot earlier.  I was able to catch waves at the middle break and ride it all the way to the beach.  At this point I'd say as long as the waves have some power behind them, the Gamma is the foil to rig.  If the swell is lower than belly high, then it'll be the Infinity 76.  The only weird thing about the Gamma was the way it responded to my turns - it wanted to "stick" so I had to shift my weight more so than on the Infinity.  Just something I'll probably have to get used to.  These last few rides today were the closest thing to riding a shortboard on a pumping day that I've had on a foilboard - pumping to gain speed, leaning to turn and extracting energy from the reform section - I have nothing to complain about the Gamma and it has opened my eyes to the possibilities.  From this ride, I'm a Gamma fan!!!!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Saturday Session - July 6

Marlon and I hit it again in the evening.  The crowd was still pretty thick when we drove up at 5:30pm.

The waves were bigger, but the period was pretty short - no time between waves to rest.  Constant paddling and fighting white water.  I had bolted on the Go Foil Iwa on the 29.5" mast.  I had a hard time keeping the foil down with all the chop - Go Foils float, Slingshots sink.  I did get some rides, but I had the foil mounted probably too far forward.

Too much lift from this position.  Looking back at previous posts, I should have dropped it all the way back.  The tide was high and was just below 2.0', but even with that depth I 'bumped' bottom.  Anyday in the ocean is a good one, but dialing in a foil can slow things down.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Getting Better

Marlon and I hit the surf yesterday afternoon.  The swell was good sized on the outside and Marlon got some good rides.

I brought the foil without changing anything on the setup.  I had probably the best day so far out on the foil.  I was able to consistently get long rides, pump through the flats and catch the reform on the inside.  On a few I even was riding the standup section on the inside.  I was able to drop off the back of two waves - the start of pumping back out.  And on my last wave I was able to crank a hard 180 turn.

I've marked this position on the board so I can set the foil back here.  This is the point where I can balance easily between the front and back foot - this makes popping up the foil and dropping the nose before breeching easier.

Friday, July 5, 2019

4th of July Surf

Another reinforcing swell hit today (close period on the sets).  Chest to head high on the outside and still a king tide in the late afternoon when Marlon and I went out.

Marlon got a bunch of rides, and two Cheater 5s.

I got several rides and all but one were really long (for me).  With the King tide I don't have to worry about grounding and I can pump the foil through the flat section and into the inside reform.  I even attempted to pump back out (didn't get far).  I did breech once, but it was during a steep take off. I really should bolt up the Gamma and try to make these steep, green wave takeoffs.

I really need to figure out a way to take pictures while on the foil board.  These "boards in the vehicle" pictures are getting old.

Right Back at It

Fresh on the heels of finishing Marlon's Longboard, I feel compelled to knock out another board.  This is the 4'10" skinny template (on the left) and the 4'10" wide (4'10"c)

The wide version is what I decided to build.  This is the foam donor (got it free from a guy wanting to get out of wavesailing).

Here is the template laid out on the bottom deck - it just barely fits.  I'll probably opt to use a planer to get the rails trimmed.

This will involve some foam splicing as I'll have to remove some hardware (mast track box, EPS vent, foot strap screws)

I'll place slight cuts in the bottom deck rails - not the deep 45 degree ones that a lot of the manufacturers are using.  Once I get the old composite material off, this one should got fast.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Celestial Activity Day

I went foiling on Tuesday.  Apparently there was a total solar eclipse somewhere on Earth on Tuesday, and it was also one of the first summer King Tides.  With those events going on, who could not get in the water?

There was actually a decent swell in (could have done some damage on the outside with a conventional surfboard - I didn't paddle out there because I had the Infinity 76 - I should swap it out for the Gamma).  I had several rides - and I could feel the foil reacting to the energy in the waves, or when I got into a good pumping rhythm.  Definitely able to control lift better now - back foot pressure is a thing in foiling.  I didn't use my rash guard and my stomach skin got some good deck pad rash.  I'm definitely a convert.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Properly Adjusted

After finishing a bunch of requirements, I got a quick session in before dusk.  The swell was up (overhead on the outside), but the tide was high so I could foil the middle and inner breaks.

I set the foil forward from yesterday and just like previously, the foiling became second nature.

Actually looks like is a bit more forward than the second to last session on this foil, but I could apply backfoot pressure and pop the foil up and balance it out with front foot pressure to get to stable flight.  I had several long rides - and that is what keeps bringing me back to this.  I could have surfed a shortboard today - but the wind was chopping up the water - the foil negates all of that.

Marlon brought out his new longboard again and he said he is getting used to it.  He said it catches waves easier than La's board, and he is able to perch up on the nose easier.  

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Next Project - 4'10" Prone Foilboard

With Marlon's longboard all finished, I've been trying to figure out the template for my next board.  This one is going to be a stripped down windsurfing board and it'll end up becoming a 4'10" prone foilboard.

Here are the templates I've come up with so far.

I printed this one out already, but it isn't really growing on me.

This second one is Marlon's pick.

This is the one that growing on me.  I'll print them out and lay them on to the donor board (Naish Wave 87L Windsurfing board I got for free) to get a better feel for them before committing to a template.

Marlon's Longboard Finally Finished

Besides mowing the lawn, I spent the majority of today finishing Marlon's longboard.  Lots of painting, marking, applying acrylic and fine tuning the boxes (still need to work on the middle one - too tight).

I like how the stencil logo came out.

We got the board out to the beach in the really late afternoon - Marlon got plenty of rides and from what I saw, he was not stalling as much as he would when using La's board.

We didn't take out the GoPro, but I did stop to watch him on his first wave - looks like a fun board!

Also - I took out the Slingshot Infinity 76.  I made the mistake of leaving the foil pushed all the way to the rear of the tracks.  I was anticipating a bigger swell, but I should have paid attention to my previous notes on using this foil - an inch or so up from the back of the tracks and the foil will pop up easy.  All the way back like today and I'm having to get my weigh back to pop the foil up, but it requires a lot more effort to keep the foil balanced.  I need to remember this...

And lastly, I took some hits from the foil - tail hit me in the gut on a wipeout, and the main wing hit my ankle.  Even with the setbacks, I did get some decent rides.