Monday, December 5, 2016

Marine Ecology Studies

La has been homeschooling our kiddoroosters for quite some time now, but I like to swoop in out of left field on occasion and augment her efforts. As of late I have been contributing through PE (surfing, flying kites and snorkeling), ceramics and other art (gyotaku making, dioramas and others), and science (when asked by La) - but every now and then I just bust out the sledge hammer. I've been bringing the kids out to the beach and helping them create an environment to study the littorals. Our latest finds include crabs, blennies and mantis shrimp. After a week or so, we'll send these guys back out to the ocean. Their observations will involve keeping a log and noting daily changes and behavior. I'll post more as this develops. We've seen several species worthy of studying over the past year - for starters check out this tiny crab. We're excited to be able to sit down and finally do it!

Hawaiiana from Foodland Farms

Now that we live on Oahu, I don't have the compulsive urge to consume all things Hawaii. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate looking at all things related to life in Hawaii. Walking around through the new Foodland Farms at Ala Moana Center, Noe and I stumbled on this stuff - And we left without spending a cent!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Oama Clouser Minnow

I tied this up to entice fish that typically eat oama (young of the year Yellow Stripe Goatfish). Unfortunately I haven't enticed any fish.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Late Post - Our Favorite Sandwich Shop

Dinner this past Saturday at Kua Aina Kapolei! SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDDD!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Checking Out the Neighbors

Marlon and I hit the flats to wade around on Sunday afternoon. Armed with a tako box, he was out having fun seeing what lived in the sand on in the coral rubble.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Checking Out Heeia Pier and the Resident Squid

After Marlon's practice, he wanted to go visit one of the plant nurseries he had not been to in a while (Once Again Succulents). We did that (check out my other blog for that post) and since we were on that side, we made the trip out to the Heeia Pier. When we got there, the kids went to the closest water and immediately saw four squid just hanging out in shallow water. The General Store was closed so we couldn't eat the ono plate lunches. but at least La knows where this place is now. When we got back to the van, the squid were still at the same spot. Noe said "we should keep a net in the van from now on so we can catch stuff when we see them" - time to find the nets ;)

Getting Itchy Again

I haven't gone kiting in a very long time. The last time I was kiting consistently was when I was stationed in DGAR. The last time I went kiting was back while visiting the Virginia Beach area (I think), over 3 years ago. I guess I can look through this blog to find out (that's one of the reasons why I keep it goingt). Anyways - while cleaning up the garage or when I have been in there looking around for fishing stuff, I keep bumping into my kiting gear. Because it keeps staring me in the face, I think I'm going to break it out and check the bladders to see if they are still good to go. And I may try to head up to Mokuleia this coming weekend (if the wind stays up and if the surf isn't crazy big). With that though bouncing around in my head, I figured I'd get some stick time in with the small kites just to see how it all felt. Today while Marlon was at Orchestra practice, I broke out the trainers. I've said kiting is like riding a bike - even if you haven't done it in a while, it comes back pretty quick. I'll said that again - came back quick.

Big Fat Orange Fly

This is similar to the ones I was tying a year ago. Trying to imitate an orange mantis shrimp. I fished this on Friday and unfortunately lost it to the drop off (on a rock presumably).

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Fly Fishing with Sharks on Friday Afternoon

The Trout Unlimited group had a Fishing With Friends outing this past Friday. Only a few people showed up (it was super windy). I started off fishing towards the harbor side, and eventually walking it out towards the channel. Along the way, I bumped into three of these guys... I finally did get a bite - but it bite through the tippet. I believe it was a triggerfish and it took one of the oama clousers I tied a while back. That still wasn't a fish to hand so my fishless streak is still going. But as the saying goes - it ain't the fishing that is good about fishing. Here's the sunset to validate that.

Monday, November 14, 2016

UH Manoa's ORE Program 50th Anniversary

This past Saturday evening, the Ocean and resources Engineering Program at UH Manoa celebrated it's 50th Anniversary at the Waikiki Aquarium. Of course I walked through the exhibits - not much has changed but the Hawaiian Fish Pond and the Opae Ula exhibits were not in the interior spaces (I didn't get to look on the outside - it got dark while I was looking around in the inside). The Giant Clam was still there nice and happy. The Hunters on the Reef exhibit was still there (and now I look at the Uluas with a whole different perspective) - these shark jaw pictures are for my future reference for id purposes. The ubiquitous jellyfish A pair of healthy Harlequin Shrimp A Scorpionfish Another Scorpionfish that mimics debris An "Asian" Arrowana The Tako Tank - I couldn't see if the Triton's Trumpet next to it was alive or not. An Urchin A Boxer Shrimp An Urchin with the Boxer Shrimp trying to box the spines. Must get rough living in confined quarters. And a picture of one of my Professors. It was a really good time reflecting on the past, checking out some cool exhibits, eating some food and looking to the future.