Sunday, October 23, 2016

Not Really Amphibious, But Totally Yummy

Last night's dinner from the Big Green Egg... If I had to specify what my most useful cooking tool ever was - it is the BGE. So yummy!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pre-Contact Reference

Kayaking at a Sailing Event

We bring our kids to a sailing get together and they go kayaking :p

Weta Sailing Once Again

Our local MWR has two Wetas in their rental fleet. I finally got of my butt to get checked out to sail the boat. Actually my bum hip has been acting up again and that's why I haven't been anxious to get back in the cockpit. La had set up a family day at the Marina through Pearl Harbor Yacht Club to get more people interested in racing in the HYSA events. With us being there already, I figured I should at least get this done. Now on a weekend with some spare time, I can take the family out on a fast boat! I miss sailing our Weta - but with our life over the past few years, there was no way we could have kept it. Having this option is a wonderful thing!

Monday, October 10, 2016

For Those of You That Have Naval Service

Makani Kai Yacht Club

Makani Kai (Wind and Sea in Hawaiian) Yacht Club sponsored the Hawaii Youth Sailing Association BBQ post race. Cool place to live - especially if you have a boat and like hanging out at the Sand Bar.

El Toro Racing

Here are the pictures Noe and I took from Sunday at Kaneohe Yacht Club. Marlon ended up getting 4th in his division - great race for this up and comer!!!! Mom and Dad are proud of you Marlon!!! Take down was pretty quick too - great teamwork exhibited by this crew!!!

Sailing this Weekend

Marlon had a full weekend of sailing. And La is now an official "Sailing Mom" not a "Soccer Mom".

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Moving On and Getting Productive

We left the wind swept beach and spent a few minutes at a more protected beach. Real treasure is spending time with the ones you love! Oh - and some shells ;) - real treasure is shells

Fun at Shelltopia

We took an early morning ride out to one of our shelling spots. Unfortunately the wind and swell overpowered the low tide. We did manage to have fun, just minus the normal shelling jackpots and plethora of fishing hits. We were able to catch our first Hawaiian Mole (or Sand) Crab!!! When I caught it, I thought it was one of these Ghost Crabs that we see all over the place. La finally got to use her "new" tool (which we got a while back) - a stainless steel hand rake! It proved very useful and would have harvested tons of cowrie shells (if there were cowrie shells on the beach). Noe and I tried to catch a baby fish trapped in a small tidepool (but my skunk transferred to catching fish by hand - arggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!) What was present in copious amounts were Man 'O War jellies. Here are some pictures La took (she likes the purple ;)

Kaku Crack Not Working

I've been fishing several times now and have not caught a fish. For fly fishing, this fly in particular was supposed to be the "never fail" solution when a bite had to be conjured up. I still haven't broken the dry spell... (I didn't count the actual syllables, but this was supposed to be a haiku).